Popular Asian Fashion A Growing Market

With the ever-growing popularity of the internet, access to different clothing is easier than ever for the average consumer. One area that continues to spread globally, previously rarely seen in the West, is Asian fashion. The vibrant and varied colours and styles of Asia have developed a keen international market, particularly those fashions coming from Korea and Japan.Japan and Korea lead the way in spreading Asian fashion to the rest of the world because of the rapid adoption of cutting edge technology in these countries. Always eager to adopt modern technology, Japanese and Korean markets similarly aim to enjoy the most modern fashion trends. Japanese and Korean clothing is some of the most forward-thinking in the world.Origins of Asian FashionThe forward-thinking styles come from a history of eager adaptation to modernity in these countries, and the unique styles of modern Asian fashion actually have their roots in 19th Century attitudes. After Japan was first opened to the West, Japanese fashion combined the trends and styles of foreign labels and markets with traditional culture and trends, an attitude which continues today. Often this clothing is homemade with customisation added by the wearer. These highly adaptable styles of clothing are often referred to as Japanese Street Fashion, and are now chronicled by a number of websites.Influence of Japanese FashionMuch of the Asian fashion you will find on such websites stems from Japan, where many different styles of clothing exist. Street fashion includes such styles as Lolita (looking like a young girl), Gyaru (girly-glam) and Bosozoku (inspired by manga and anime). Recent trends have leant towards doll-like and fantasy elements being introduced, for instance dolly kei and fairy kei fashions, whilst Japanese hip-hop is also increasingly influential.The immediate influence of these various Japanese street fashion styles is felt in China, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The West Coast of the United States is also receptive to the trends. As a result, these surrounding countries share many similar styles and trends, though in the nature of street fashion they are suitably adaptive. In Hong Kong, for instance, where business is paramount, styles tend to be more conservative.In addition to these more locally influenced countries, Asian fashion is increasingly popular on the global market. Famed Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, founder of brand Comme des Garcons, has played a large role in the fashion industry since the 80s, and worked with the likes of Louis Vuitton and high-street retailers H&M. In addition, easy access to Asian media, such as films and anime, has made Asian fashion more popular in Western society.What makes Asian fashion so popular is the sheer originality of the designs. Consumers are encouraged to customise their own clothing, and as a result outfits can look incredibly diverse. Asian clothing has potential for a lot of personality, with each sub-category relating to certain principles. These fashions instantly make a wearer part of an identifiable movement. For instance, cult kei, another modern style, uses a range of distinctive religious iconography.Asian Clothing OnlineAnother reason Asian fashion is so popular is that online markets makes it easy to acquire for consumers all over the world. Bidding sites such as eBay are heavily populated by international sellers giving access to new trends and original designs. A quick online search for Asian fashion, Korean Fashion, Japanese fashion will bring you directly to trending markets. By shopping for these fashions online, you can be sure to be at the forefront of emerging styles, at affordable prices. User reviews are abundant to ensure that you buy quality products, so even when ordering from halfway around world you can be sure of a good deal.You can also gain access to ever-evolving original designs by visiting custom online markets where users from all over the world design their own clothing to sell. Beyond purchasing clothing, the internet allows users to critique designs, comment on each others’ clothing and increasingly share and combine their fashions.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Credit Report But Were Afraid to Ask

General InformationWho are Baycorp Advantage?Baycorp Advantage are Australia’s leading credit reporting agency. Their activities are regulated by the Federal Government and the Privacy Act.
Their database contains more than 11 million consumer and 1 million commercial credit files. It includes records on the credit activity of Australian individuals, companies and businesses.The credit data held is quite detailed and is regularly updated. It includes:o Personal details such as:
nameresidential addressdate of birthdrivers licence numbero Credit applications and enquiries you have made during the past five yearso Records of some current credit accountso Overdue Accounts and Defaults which may have been listed against your name by credit providerso Bankruptcy informationo Judgmentso Public record information such as Directorships and Proprietorships.Are there any other organisations I can get my credit details from?While Australia also has other credit reporting agencies Baycorp Advantage are the biggest.About Credit FilesWhat is a credit file?A credit file is a comprehensive record on each financially active individual and entity in Australia. It includes your age, details of your employment, residential address, credit applications made, credit arrears, defaults, judgements, bankruptcies etc.Does anyone not have a credit file?Persons who have applied for credit in the past 7 years will have a credit file. Persons who have never applied for credit such as the young, new migrants etc. will not have a credit file.When and how did my credit file start?Your credit file is initiated by the credit provider the first time you apply for a loan, or make any type of finance application. Once your initial credit file is set up, subsequent credit providers update your file by adding the relevant credit application details and any change of address information.Do I have to pay for access to my information?There is no fee associated with access to a credit report held by a credit provider. Also, you will generally not be charged a fee for access to your file held by a credit reporting agency if access relates to a refusal for credit or is related to the management of your credit arrangements. If a fee has been requested and you have been denied access because you refuse to pay the fee, you may refer the matter to the Privacy Commissioner.Understanding Your Credit FileFor how long is my credit information be kept on the credit file?o Credit applications, enquiries and overdue accounts are held on your file for five yearso Bankruptcy information is held on your file for seven years (prior to January 1998, Bankruptcy information was held for five years)o Clearout information is held for seven years (if listed before 31 January 2000, the information is held for five years)o Court Judgments are held for five years (excluding NSW & ACT)o Queensland & WA Writs & Summons are held on an individual’s file for two years, Company/ Business files for four yearso Identity information, which includes name, date of birth, sex, drivers license, address history, and cross-reference names (if any) are held for the life of the credit file. This information is used to distinguish the credit file from others held in the databaseo Purge dates are calculated on the date the information was added to the file, and are based on the time limits provided in the Privacy Act 1988o Files are scanned each month and out of date information is automatically purged to ensure the files are accurate.What can be done if the information is incorrect?If you believe the information on your file held by a credit reporting agency is inaccurate you can request that it be altered. If the credit reporting agency establishes that an amendment is necessary, it must make the amendment to your file promptly. If the agency does not make the requested changes, you have a right to include a statement, provided by you, on your file. Once the amendment is made, or a statement is added, to your file, the agency will send you a copy of your amended credit information file and advise you that you have the right to nominate other persons who you would like to be informed of the change where those persons had access to your file in the previous three months.How do I tell what my credit rating is?Baycorp Advantage does not hold a score or credit rating on your credit file.Some credit providers may score or rate an application as part of the process to assess the risk involved in providing credit to you.This technique involves building a score or credit rating based on the information you provide on the application form and the information held on your credit file.While there will be no Credit Rating with a number against your name , your past credit behaviour as reflected on your credit report will be used as a guide by future lenders in determining whether you have a “Bad Credit History” and whether you are a “Good Credit Risk”.Credit Report Arrears and DefaultsWhat is an Arrear or a Default?An arrear is a late payment on any one of your bills. This may relate to a Utility Bill or a Loan repayment. A Default is an Arrear that was not paid for an extended period of time. Defaults may be paid or unpaid.If I pay my default will it come off the report?Defaults will remain listed on your credit report even after they have been paid. In fact, depending on the nature of the default they may remain on your credit report for up to 5 years after they have been paid.How do I remove an entry off my report?There may be reasons why you believe that an entry should not have been made on your report and you would like to have it removed.To achieve this you need to write to the credit reporting agency and the credit provider who listed the default on your credit report – and explain why the default should be removed.What can I do if I think a credit reporting agency has not dealt with my access or amendment request properly?You are entitled to have your problem handled under the dispute settling procedures set out in the Credit Reporting Code of Conduct issued by the Privacy Commissioner. Under these procedures, the credit reporting agency or credit provider should be the first point of contact for lodging disputes.If the credit reporting agency or credit provider is unable to resolve the matter, or if you are not satisfied with the action taken, you are able to complain to the Privacy Commissioner who has the power to investigate the matter, and if necessary, to order credit providers or credit reporting agencies to change their procedures, amend information or compensate you financially for loss or damage resulting from a credit reporting infringement.Issues with Credit FraudWhat is known as Credit Fraud?One of the most common forms of credit fraud is committed by ‘stealing’ the identity of another individual. Someone obtains your identity details and uses them to obtain credit for themselves, leaving you with the potential liability for this debt, a damaged credit reputation and the inconvenience of amending your credit file. This is done by either stealing your wallet, your driver’s license or any other personal information.Please note that in Australia you are not able to change your driver’s licence number. Once it has been issued – it stays with you for life. As you know your driver’s licence is often used to identify an individual and if the number is stolen, a new one is created to match the original and then problem never goes away.What steps should I take to protect my identity?You need to guard your personal information such as your date of birth and your driver’s licence number, bank account details etc.Contact your financial institution immediately if your cards are lost or stolen. Keep your PIN (Personal Identification Number) confidential and separate from your card.What can I do if someone is using my identity or has done so in the past?
Credit fraud is a crime. If you believe that information held on your credit file has been caused by another individual fraudulently using your identity details:o Obtain a copy of your credit file to confirm someone has used your identityo Contact the police and report the crimeo Contact the credit providers involved and inform them of the fraudulent activity, otherwise they may hold you responsible for any bad debt incurred.My Credit Report and the Credit ProvidersWill all my credit applications be reflected on my credit report?No. However, most credit providers considering applications for credit, or the supply of goods and services where payment is deferred, choose to perform a credit check to ensure their decision to approve or decline an applicant is sound.Once a Credit Check is performed by a credit provider it will be reflected as a Credit Inquiry on your credit file.Who is able to add or change information on my credit report?Any Credit provider who has been authorised by you to run a credit check and the credit reporting agency such as Baycorp Advantage.Who can access my credit report?Under the Privacy Act no one is allowed to check your Credit Report without your written consent.If you would like to find out more about cleaning your credit or applying for a loan with a Bad Credit Rating, please visit www.webdeal.com.au or www.honeyloans.com.au

Investment Guide – How To Become A Rich Investor

The act of investing in, or spending money, time and effort on a business or some other things, in hope of making a profit, best defines investment. It could be Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Foreign Exchange etc. Whatever it is, there are rules and guides to achieving success in investments, which, when adhered to, result in achieving much greater heights of success.Considering the huge amount of risks associated with most investments, it is of vital importance, to know the rules and guides first, irrespective of one’s financial status, before one could engage oneself in an investment of any kind whatsoever, in order not to be an object of pity, due to a mistake, of not going by the rules.According to experts, the Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States, defines an individual as an Average Investor if the individual has $200,000 or more in annual income, $300,000 or more in annual income as a couple, or $1 Million or more in net worth. This established requirements by the SEC is to protect the average investor from some of the worst and most risky investments in the world. These investor requirements also protect the average investor from some of the best investments in the world, which is one major reason why, one has to be just more than an average investor.In as much as there are millions of desirous investors that fall below average investors, it would be unfair and discouraging, to always mention of Average and Rich Investors without the poor investors, each time matters of investments arise. After all, both started from the scratch. A gradual process that metamorphosed them into becoming what they are today. One does not have to worry himself, provided there’s life, there’s hope for the common man and lots of investment opportunities ahead. Hence, starting out in an investment with a minimal affordable capital, is highly recommended for the poor investor, and with prudence, little efforts, time, hope, faith and patience, desired goals would be achieved.The most important thing in investments is, one’s mindset. The mentally preparedness to cope with the great task associated with investments. Nothing good comes so easy in life! One has to ask oneself, a few important questions before embarking on a journey to investments. These questions are:1. Am I really determined to start out in an investment?2. What type of investment is suitable for me?3. How much capital do I have to start out in an investment?4. Should I invest solely or jointly?5. How much is my risk appetite?When one answers these questions correctly and still has desire to forge ahead in investing his money in an investment, then, he’s qualified for the next stage of success towards investment.The type of investment that suites one, is totally dependent on the already existing investment types- Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Foreign Exchange etc., the amount of one’s capital, and one’s special interest in specific investment types. All this put together, constitutes a guide to enabling him know exactly the investment type that suites him.The amount of capital needed to start an investment depends on individuality, and the nature of the investment. Capital, shouldn’t be a major issue here, as there are investments- stocks, one can invest in with a couple of cents. Hence, capital is virtually irrelevant, when considering penny stocks. And should never be a discouragement from investing one’s money in an investment.Investing solely or jointly is totally one’s choice to make. Both investments exist. As a beginner, investing jointly is highly recommended. Considering the inherent risks in investments, which will always be shared, as it would, for the profit, amongst the investors according to individual’s amount invested, is ideally suitable for a good start. However, investing solely, is beneficial too. Even more beneficial, provided one has all it takes to stomach the risks in one-man investments. The investment profits from investing solely, will never be shared with anybody other than the sole investor, who takes it all. Hence, the decision is left for one to make, considering suitability and convenience.Though tremendous amount of risks are involved in most investments. The larger the capital invested, the larger the probable risks. Also, the larger the capital invested, the larger the probable investment profits depending on one’s approach to investment. It’s a matter of proportionality. The opportunity of becoming a Rich, Average, or Poor Investor lies directly at one’s door step. This is the final stage and guide towards a greater change in one’s financial status depending on one’s risk appetite. Hence, a bold step together with strict adherence to the rules and guides stipulated in this article, becoming a rich investor is guaranteed.